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Cyramza 100 mg / 10 mL Infusion Vial of Eli Lilly ( Brand Drug )

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Generic RAMUCIRUMAB / Brand CYRAMZA 100 mg / 10 mL Infusion Vial is used to treat Colorectal more

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Cyramza 500 mg / 50 mL Infusion Vial of Eli Lilly ( Brand Drug )

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Manufactured by Eli Lilly. Branded Drug for Ramucirumab. Express Shipments sent from India/Turkey/Thailand by Aramex / FedEx / DHL / UPS / USPS / EMS courier service.

Generic RAMUCIRUMAB / Brand CYRAMZA 500 mg / 50 mL Infusion Vial is used to treat Colorectal more

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RAMUCIRUMAB CYRAMZA : Cost/Price, Dosage/Doses, Uses, Side Effects, Warnings etc. information

Generic RAMUCIRUMAB / Brand CYRAMZA 500mg / 100mg Vial is prescribed for treating cancer of stomach, non-small cell lung cancer, and colon cancer and rectum cancer. Ramucirumab is classified as an anticancer medicine. Ramucirumab / Cyramza medication blocks the ‘VEGF receptor 2’ which further blocks the supply of blood to the cancer bearing cells, resulting in growth of cancer bearing cells slowing down and eventually gets killed.

What are the international reference brand names of Generic drug Ramucirumab? The actual Generic Drug and Base Medicine RAMUCIRUMAB is sold internationally under the most common marketing brand(s) CYRAMZA. See our lowest Ramucirumab Cyramza cost / prices at the top of this page.

What is the brief overview information on Generic Ramucirumab / Brand Cyramza ? Information not available, sorry.

What is the Branded Drug Cyramza / Generic Ramucirumab used for (Indications) ? Ramucirumab is an anti-cancer drug mainly used for treating stomach cancer. It helps in handling cancer at the esophagus as wellas wellat the stomach junction in those patients who are at the advanced stage or whose other body parts are affected by the spread of cancer. The drug can be used along with Paclitaxel for patients who are suffering from cancer after the treatment of Fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy and platinum. Otherwise, it can be used alone in patients who have an intolerance of Paclitaxel. Patients who are suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) may receive the combined treatment of Ramucirumab and Folinic Acid, 5-fluorouracil, and Irinotecan. This treatment is suitable mainly for adult patients who are having a spread of cancer on the other body parts. If the treatment with bevacizumab, oxaliplatin, and a fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy medication fail, then this treatment of Ramucirumab can be started depending on the situation of the patient. The patients who have shown progression of disease like locally advanced or metastatic non-small lung cancer While under the treatment of platinum-based based medicines can also be treatedwith the combination of ramucirumab and docetaxel. Ramucirumab is known as the monoclonal antibody that acts by binding certain receptors, and as a result, it slows down the growth of cancer cells. The drug stops the multiplication of cancer cells and their migration .

When should Cyramza / Ramucirumab medication not to be used (Contraindications) ? The use of Ramucirumab should be restricted in patients.: • Who have allergy in Ramucirumab • Who are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers • Women who are going through infertility treatment. • Children who are not above 18 years of age. • If the patient has a medical history of severe bleeding or under the medication of blood thinners.

What’s the prescribed Ramucirumab Cyramza dosage / dosing requirement? Stomach cancer: • The suggested adult dose of Ramucirumab should be 8 mg per kg weight of the patient’s body when the medicine is administered as a single component in the interval of every two weeks. • The suggested adult dose of Ramucirumab should be 8 mg per kg body weight and the dose should be administered on the first day and last day of every two weeks with the combination of Paclitaxel. Generally, it is a cycle of 28-day before infusing Paclitaxel. • Paclitaxel infusion needs to be given on the first day, 8th day and 15th day in a cycle of 28-day and the dose should be of 80 mg per m2. Colorectal cancer: • The recommended dose of Ramucirumab is 8 mg per kg body weight of the patient, and it should be taken in the interval of every two weeks before taking the dose of folinic acid, 5-fluorouracil, and irinotecan drugs. Non-small cell lung cancer: • The suggested dose of Ramucirumab for adult ones should be 10 mg per kg bodyweight which is needed to be given on the 1st day of the cycle of 21-day before infusing Docetaxel. • Docetaxel infusion should be given in the quantity of 75 mg per m2 on day one of starting the treatment. • If there is no sign of progression of the disease or any intolerable toxicity, then there is no problem in continuing Ramucirumab therapy. • The modification of Ramucirumab dose should be done according to the side effects that the patient experience while under this treatment. Depending on the severity of the treatment, the medication may need to be discontinued permanently or temporarily. • If the patient under this treatment is suffering from mild liver or kidney damage, then there is no need to adjust the doses of Ramucirumab. But if the stage is severe, then adjusting the dose is important.

What to do if Generic Ramucirumab / Brand Cyramza dosage is missed ?

What are the Brand Cyramza / Generic Ramucirumab drug / pills uses? • Ramucirumab comes in the form of injection, and the expert should give it directly into the patient’s vein (Intravenously) very consciously and slowly by taking at least the period of 1 hour. The injection should not be pushed in large volume quickly or directly as anintravenous (IV) push. • The cancer specialists should only give the Ramucirumab to the patient. • The dose of the medicine and the volume required for infusion needs to be calculated minutely. The content of Ramucirumab vial should get diluted with 0.9 % sodium chloride solution. The experts should use an intravenous container to prepare the solution of total 250ml volume. • The intravenous container should be inverted gently to mix the combination of diluted content and administer through a different IV line. You should wash out the IV line by using a 0.9% sodium chloride solution when the infusion is given. • Avoid combining Ramucirumab contents and dextrose solution. • Patients should take prior medicinal help of fever-reducing medicines such as Paracetamol, allergy treating medicine like Diphenhydramine, and certain steroids like Dexamethasone to lower down the ill effects of Ramucirumab. These medications are helpful to control the reactions related to infusion at the time of giving subsequent infusions.

What are the Cyramza Ramucirumab warnings and precautions before use ? • Women who are at their reproductive age should be under effective contraceptive procedure while under this Ramucirumab therapy. Moreover, the patients should be under the same for a minimum of three months after completing the course of Ramucirumab. • Ramucirumab treatment may cause a high risk of bleeding in the stomach. This is experienced by them who are under this medication for suffering from swelling and pain. But the patient needs to keep in mind that if they face bleeding episodes frequently and excessively, then, permanent discontinuation of Ramucirumab may be required accordingly. • Patients should be monitored when they are going through this medication, especially their blood pressure. The level of the blood pressure should be checked in an interval of two weeks. Sometimes, they need to monitor it more frequently as well, especially when they have a history of increased blood pressure. • Monitoring the patients with infusion-related signs and symptoms , including breathing difficulty, tremors, and chills, is essential. In case of the severity of these symptoms, they may need to stop taking the therapy permanently. • Ramucirumab may affect the healing process of any wound; so, you should not be under the medication of Ramucirumab before going through any surgical process, and you can re-use the medicine only when you overcome the wound of surgery. • Ramucirumab may damage the liver;, create neurological disorder including Reversible Posterior Leukoencephalopathy Syndrome (RPLS), and thyroid imbalance. You should monitor the patients who show such symptoms of these diseases and check the severity, and depending on that the treatment should be done. • If you are going through Ramucirumab treatment then the kidney damage is a very usual side-effect. So, monitoring the protein level in urine is very important. It can be done by using the urine dipstick or the ratio of urinary protein creatinine when the situation gets worsen if the kidney gets damaged severely. • Blot clots may take place in the blood vessels when the patient is under Ramucirumab treatment. This treatment may cause a heart attack or lower the supply of blood to different portions of the brain. The patients under these situations may need to discontinue Ramucirumab treatment So, the treatment of the patient is safe to be done in a hospital where Intensive Care Unit is available.

What are Ramucirumab Cyramza side effects ? • Gastrointestinal: Pain, diarrhea, stomach bleeding, mouth sores and swelling, lack of appetite • Blood: Increased level of blood pressure, reduced albumin levels, platelets, sodium, and blood neutrophils, accumulation of fluid in the area of feet and hands. • Respiratory: Nosebleeds • Skin: Redness, skin peeling, skin blisters, swelling, thickening skin layer on hands, thickness on the feet soles, feeling sensitive to touch • Others: Headache, high level of protein secretion with urine, tiredness, excessive tear secretion

What are the other Brand name Cyramza / Generic Ramucirumab Cyramza warnings and precautions? • You need to check the content, present in the Ramucirumab vials or the diluted solution before applying to a patient. It is essential to make it clear that the content has no particle and discoloration. If there is any change or discoloration seen in the solution, then it should not be given. • Breastfeeding is not allowed under Ramucirumab therapy. The women who want to get pregnant in coming days should preserve their eggs before starting this therapy. The effect of Ramucirumab can damage the fertility of women.

What are Ramucirumab Cyramza medication interactions with other drugs? It is essential to let your physician know whether the patient is taking any herbal or over-the-counter drug before starting this therapy. It may help in reducing the side effects that may be caused by the drug interaction.

What are the storage conditions of Brand Name Cyramza / Generic Drug Ramucirumab? • You can preserve Ramucirumab vials within the range of temperature between 2°C and 8°C inside the refrigerator and keep it away from the excessive moisture and light. • The diluted form of the solutions are safe to be stored in a refrigerator within the range from 2°C to 8°C for maximum 24 hours, and if you keep it at normal room temperature then it can be preserved for 4 hours. • The unused portion of the medicine should not be used after expiry date. • You need not keep the diluted contents of vials in the freezer and shake it before using.

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