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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Heart Disease's Problem

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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Heart Disease's Problem

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Heart Disease's Problem

Since past twenty years, reports have shown that one of the major causes of mortality worldwide is Cardiac disease. It is noted that a greater number of people are getting affected with heart disease every year and the expiry cases are going up than reported earlier.  Since the year 2000, there is a rise in the number of death cases due to cardiac disease by greater than 2 million, which got more than double in the year 2019 i.e., 9 million reported cases. Among all the death cases caused by the critical medical emergencies cardiac disease contributes 16% of total deaths. The death cases from heart disease mounted to more than 2 million in the WHO Western Pacific area. On the other hand, the European countries have seen a sharp decrease in the number of death cases due to heart disease by 15%. 


What is heart disease?

Heart disease is considered as many kinds of conditions of the heart. This is the disease which has an effect on your heart and blood vessels. In the United States, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the most common kind of heart disease affecting majority of the population. In CAD the flow of blood to the patient’s heart gets affected which can lead to a cardiac arrest.


Risk factors for heart disease include:

There are various risk factors that contribute to a heart disease. Among them a few you can control to prevent a heart disease. Read below some of the major risk factors- 

•             Age. As you grow older the muscles of your heart get condensed and destabilized. Your arteries of the heart also get narrowed. This increases your chances of getting affected with a cardiac disease. 

•             Sex. Male populations are more vulnerable of getting affected with a cardiac disease.

•             If anyone in the family has been affected with a cardiac disease.

•             Tobacco smoking raises the building up of plaque in your blood vessels.

•             More of junk, oily, spicy food and less of healthy diet

•             Elevated levels of blood pressure (hypertension)

•             Elevated levels of cholesterol results in clogging of the cardiac arteries

•             Diabetes – Disease wherein body is unable to control in forming the blood sugar on it’s own resulting in week bones, poor eyesight, kidney risk and several other risks.


What foods reduce heart disease?

A healthy diet plan reduces the chance of getting affected with a cardiac disease. Below mentioned are some of the food suggestions for you to adapt and stay away from a cardiac disease-

•             Fresh fruits and more of green leafy vegetables

•             Whole grains like oatmeal, millet, barley, etc

•             Nuts like cashew (dry roasted), hazelnuts, walnuts, etc

•             Fatty fish which contains more of Omega 3 fatty acid such as Salmon and Sardine

•             Poultry like skinless poultry and unprocessed form

•             Vegetable oils

Things that are best to be avoided and if not then to be taken in moderate quantity-

•             Limit your alcohol intake

•             Control Fried food

•             Avoid eating late at night time as it takes time to dissolve in the body and heart has to pump more leading to stress in it.

•             Have less of red meat. Opt for lean meat

•             Pizza, pasta, white bread, pastries, white flour

•             Foods with added sugar

•             Beverages or soda drinks high in sugar

•             Sodium


What are the symptoms of heart disease?

Many times, it might happen that disease related to heart may be very silent, until diagnosed. It is only known when the person is affected with certain conditions like uneven heartbeat, indications of heart attack or in extreme conditions of failure of heart. Certain symptoms might be-:

Heart Attack Symptoms: Pain in chest or feeling uneasy, sudden pain in lower or upper backside of the neck or shoulder, not able to digest properly, feeling of burning in heart area, feeling of puking, getting too much tired, feeling of uneasiness in upper portion of the body, feeling sleepy or in less senses, and unable to breath properly.

Arrhythmia: Gaseous feelings in the chest (Feeling of pulsating).

Heart failure: Uneasy breathing, tiredness, or inflammation in feet area ankles, legs, abdomen, or neck veins with pain.


What are the risk factors for heart disease?

The main risk factors that elevated your chance of getting affected with a heart disease are-

•             Raised levels of blood pressure

•             High levels of cholesterol in blood

•             Smoking tobacco

Almost half of total USA population contains any one of these risk factors which elevates their chance of getting a cardiac disease. Few other clinical conditions and an unhealthy way of living also increases your chance of getting affected with a heart disease like- 

•             Diabetes

•             Excess body weight than usual and obesity

•             Poor diet plan

•             Physically not much active

•             Extreme consumption of alcohol

•             Too much Stress in life


Common Heart Disease Drugs and Medications

You can buy the following Common Heart Disease Drugs / Medications as below :

Phenoxybenzamine Hydrochloride / Dibenzyline 10 mg / 50 mg / mL Capsules / Injection Vials

Prasugrel Hydrochloride / Effient 5 mg / 10 mg Tablets

Reteplase / Retavase 18 mg Injection Vials

Rosuvastatin / Crestor 5 mg / 10 mg / 20 mg / 40 mg Tablets

Sacubitril + Valsartan / Entresto / Vymada 24 mg + 26 mg / 49 mg + 51 mg / 97 mg + 103 mg Tablets

Streptokinase / Streptase / Kabikinase 2,50,000 IU / 7,50,000 IU / 5 mL / 15,00,000 IU / 10 mL Injection Vials

Ticagrelor / Brilinta 60 mg / 90 mg Tablets

Tirofiban / Zanaflex 5 mg / 100 mL / 12.5 mg / 50 mL Injection Vials

Tolvaptan / Samsca / Jynarque / Jinarc 15 mg / 30 mg Tablets more

Abciximab / Reopro 2 mg / 5 mL / 10 mg / 10 mg / 5 mL Injection Vials




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